Tournaments, Champions Part of the History of Los Angeles Tennis Club

When G. Allan Hancock began his development of the area now known as Hancock Park, he helped launch two outstanding sports clubs.

The Wilshire Country Club with its expansive and challenging golf course

and the Los Angeles Tennis Club, host for decades to the premier Pacific Southwest Championship tournaments which drew such stellar athletes as Bobby Riggs, Joe Hunt, Ted Schroeder, Jack Tidball, Frank Shields, “Big” Bill Tilden, Sidney Wood, and other champions.

 Perhaps no tennis player has had a longer or more illustrious career via the Los Angeles Tennis Club than Dorothy “Dodo” Cheney, daughter of May Sutton Bundy and one of the club’s founders, Thomas Bundy.

Mrs. Cheney amassed 301 national titles, 146 singles, 155 doubles and her first national title at the U.S. National Indoors competition in 1941. Internationally, she won a Grand Slam event, the Australian Championship in 1938, and playing through her 80s and 90s, she won numerous senior championships.

Jack Kramer, a Wimbleton winner who also won two U.S. Championships in the amateur arena, was typical of many teenagers who benefited from a tremendous exposure and loads of practice time with outstanding players on these prime courts.

Hancock’s generosity (he charged only “a very reasonable price” of $1,000 for the original five and one-half acres) helped launch the seven-court club in 1921 when it was incorporated. By 1923 the club had 11 courts, an exhibition court, and a permanent club house. Today, the club boasts 17 courts, the clubhouse is now a luxuriously comfortable venue with two great fireplaces in the front lounge room where members can play bridge, meet-and-greet, and commiserate on their games. The club offers dining services for meals and snacks, and catering for member-hosted parties. Additions include a pool and gym, and the club still hosts school, charity, and amateur tournaments.

Membership includes 330 equity members, plus several hundred others, however, it is a member-owned club not open to the public. For more information or to visit the club, please call (323) 464-3195. The club is located at 5851 Clinton Street, just south of Melrose Avenue.


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